First stable 1.0 release

Iam really proud to announce the first stable version of PSX! This release contains some improvements and fixes over the 0.9.10 release but is mostly backwards compatible. The most important changes are that PSX is now compatible to the current nightly build of PHP 7. Also the date time handling was improved and many test cases were added. In the following a short description what PSX offers.

PSX is a framework which helps you to build RESTful APIs. We think that the most important part to build an successful REST API is to provide an clear contract between the API provider and consumer. Because of this you have to provide a specification if you build an API with PSX. This specification gets used by PSX to validate and format incoming/outgoing data and also to generate documentation and other data. Currently the specification can be written in RAML or directly in PHP. This means that you always have an documentation which represents the actual API.

Besides documentation PSX provides various other features like routing, API versioning, data transformation, authentication and testing. More informations at All in all we think that PSX is a unique project which should help developers to build better APIs. Since PSX is in an early stage there are many things which are planed for the future so stay tuned.