New release 0.9.9 and website update

This announcement covers both changes of the 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 release. Also the front page was updated so it reflects now the current features of psx. In the following the combined changelog of the 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 release.


  • Handle different successful status codes in schema api

    The schema api searches now for successful status codes and does not simply assume 200.

  • Updated manual

    The manual was updated to reflect the latest features of PSX.

  • Removed html presentations from tool controllers

    Because the html/javascript of the templates got to complex we have removed all html presentations from the tool controllers. For the documentation controller we have build a simple html app called evid which can be used to display the API documentation.

  • Fixed xml writer nested array definitions

    There was a problem with multiple nested array definitions because the xml traverser has not used a stack to store the key which is now the case.

  • Removed rest client controller since it contains no logic

    Since the REST client was only a template containing an javascript client and on the server side was no logic we have removed the controller.

  • Improved raml parser

    The RAML parser understands now !include so you can include an JsonSchema from a different file.

  • Improved json schema parse resolve external resources. Supports file:// and http:// protocol

    It is now possible to reference external schema definisions in an JsonSchema using the $ref key. I.e. to reference a schema definition in another file you could use file:///schema.json#/definitions/array.


  • Added raml and json schema parser

    Besides defining the API schema in PHP it is now possible to use an RAML and JsonSchema parser to define the schema in an external format.

  • Improved html output added psx- prefix for css classes

    Added the prefix psx- to all css classes and ids to get sure that now conflict occurs independent of the context where the html might get shown.

  • Renamed Api\View to Api\Resource and redesigned classes containing the schema. It is now possible to set an response schema for each status code

    This is an BC change. All classes where moved to the APi\Resource namespace and the API how you define an resource was improved.

  • Add possibility to cache resource listing results

    The resource listing class can now API descriptions. This is useful if we load definitions from external files like i.e. RAML.

  • Improved tool controllers

    The tool controllers where adjusted and generally improved with the new resource and resource listing classes.

  • Renamed RestController to RestClientController

    The controller was renmaed to have a better understanding what the controller does.

  • Fixed bug in request factory where sub paths are not handeled correctly

    This bug caused problems for PSX installations which doenst use mod_rewrite.