Version 0.9.5 released

This release contains only new features/bugfixes and should be mostly compatible to the 0.9.4 release. We think that the API has reached almost an stable state, so we are probably 2-3 patch versions away from the first stable release. In the following the coverage of the changelog:

  • Added HTTP request/response interfaces and added an factory to convert PSX HTTP request/responses into PSR-7 request/responses

    We have added an HTTP request/response interface which is now used everywhere. Also we have added an PSR-7 factory to convert between request types which should prepare us for PSR-7.

  • Added HTTP stream handler which uses the native HTTP stream wrapper

    An simple HTTP handler was added which uses the HTTP stream context to send an HTTP request.

  • Added missing HTTP status codes

    The HTTP library contains now all status codes from the IANA registry

  • Add support for array and object sql table column types

    The TableAbstract class now supports the array and object types which can serialize an array or object to an database column.

  • Added primary key filter which checks whether an id exists in an table

    An simple filter which checks whether an given ID exists as primary key in an table.

  • Used dbal query builder in various places for better db vendor support

    This should make PSX more compatible with different db vendors. Also through this it is possible to run the complete test suite with an in-memory sqlite database.

  • Added plain text writer

    A simple writer which can be used to build text/plain responses like i.e. /humans.txt