Version 1.0.1 released

This release adds commands for debugging and dumping the schema of an API. Also the parsing and generation of RAML files was improved. In the following the coverage of the complete changelog.

  • Added raml file parameter for api generation command

    It is now possible to provide an RAML file as option to the API generation command. If provided the generated API uses the given RAML file i.e.:

    vendor/bin/psx generate:api --raml schema.raml Acme\Api connection,http
  • Improved raml parser and tests

    The RAML parser was improved that means we have now support for the schemas key and we can define nested resources.

  • Add format key to swagger parameter record

    The Swagger parameter record has a new property format.

  • Add iterator and countable interface to complex type

    It is now possible to iterate over the childs of an complex type.

  • Improved raml and swagger generation

    The query and path parameters are now properly included into the specification also the description field is used where it is possible.

  • Add return $this to MethodAbstract::setDescription

    The method returns now $this to have a fluent-interface like in the other methods.

  • Add debug commands to print an raml and jsonschema resource definition

    A command which prints the structure of the resource definition when parsing an RAML or JsonSchema. This can be useful for debugging to see whether PSX understands an specific parameter. I.e. to debug an RAML file:

    vendor/bin/psx debug:raml schema.raml
  • Add console commands to generate different schema representations of the api

    With theses commands it is now possible to generate different schema representations from the console. As example to generate an RAML file of an API:

    vendor/bin/psx schema:raml /acme/api