Version 1.0.4 released

The bigest change of this release is the switch to the PSR-2 coding style which should help new developers. In the following the coverage of the complete changelog.

  • Switched to PSR-2 coding style and using absolute class paths in phpdocs

    The previous coding style of PSX was relative similar to PSR-2 but had some small differences. We fixed these small differences with the PHP-CS-Fixer tool. This should help new developers to go through the code.

  • Improve controller test cases

    A new method was added to the controller test case which makes an internal request to an controller and returns an response. This method is now also used in every controller test case.

  • Add RecordInterface access to Accessor

    It is now possible to navigate through an RecordInterface object structure using the accessor class-

  • Add JsonSerializable interface to record abstract

    A record can be now easily converted to an JSON object using json_encode.

  • For incoming requests an exception is now throw if the data structure contains keys which are not available in the schema

    Previously PSX had simply ignored unknown keys of the request data. To give the consumer an direct feedback and to prevent abuse PSX throws now an exception if the data contains unknown keys.

  • Add development status for an API resource

    The API can have a new status "development". If the API has this status everybody can use the API as in production mode but an additional warning header gets returned that the API is likely to change.