Version 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 released

Since the 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 release include only some small changes I will cover both releases in one post. The bigest changes are that a new "any" schema porperty type was introduced and the condition component was improved. In the following the coverage of both changelogs.


  • Improved condition class

    The condition class has new methods i.e equals, greaterThen etc. which add specific constraints to the condition. It is recommended to use these methods over the old add method. Also it is now possible to pass an DBAL DatabasePlatform object to the condition to generate db vendor independent SQL. By default it uses still the MySQL dialect.

  • Schema html generator fix traversing nested schema properties

    There was a problem that a nested schema was not added to the html markup which is now fixed


  • Fix schema parse read description of array and scalar types

    When parsing an JsonSchema the description properties of array and scalar types are now correctly used

  • Add any schema property type

    With this property you can define an object which can contain arbitrary key value pairs. Like an array property there must be an prototype for the value

  • Messages of StatusCodeException are now shown to the user when in production mode

    The StatusCodeException extends now from the DisplayException so that the message is shown to the enduser

  • Add title and required parameter to accessor

    It is now possible to pass the title and required parameter to the accessor which is then passed to the validate object

  • Set controllerClass variable for template writers

    The class name of the controller gets now passed to the template. This is in some cases useful i.e. if you want to highlite a navigation point for a specific controller