Version 1.1.0 released

The most notable change of this release is that the documentation controller returns now a different format. Previously the controller returned a HTML presentation of the schema. This generation is now moved to the client so that the API only needs to return the json schema. We have build a new API viewer based on AngularJs/Material which parses the response of the documentation controller and generates a nice documentation. Take a look at the example to get an impression. Because of this change we have increased a minor version. In the following the complete changlog.

  • Curve array nest method handle indexed arrays

    The method handles now also objects which are inside of an index based array

  • JSON Schema add title property to complex types

    The json schema generator adds now title properties to the schema

  • Documentation controller returns also the API endpoint url

    The endpoint returns now the API url as HATEOAS link

  • XML generator validate element names

    Not allowed characters are now replaced with an underscore

  • Documentation controller returns now the complete json schema which can be used by the API client to generate a documentation

    The response format has changed we return now the complete json schema for each method request/response

  • Improved swagger and json schema generator

    Add method to get the schema also as array which is useful if we want to modify the result

  • Extended api resource methods

    For completeness add hasPathParameters and hasQueryParameters to the resource method class