Version 1.1.2 released

This release contains some small changes and few new features. In the following the coverage of the changelog.

  • Add option to specify global middlewares

    It is now possible to specify global middlewares which are applied before or after every request. The filter can be specified in the configuration with the key psx_filter_pre and psx_filter_post

  • Updated composer dependencies

    We have updated the composer dependencies to the latest stable versions

  • Graph traverser handle also objects which implement JsonSerializable, ArrayObject or Traversable

    The graph traverser handles now also the following classes: JsonSerializable, ArrayObject or Traversable. Traversable classes are resolved through the iterator_to_array function

  • JsonSchema parser set default id if not available

    Previously it was required that a json schema has an id property. This is not longer required because we set a default id if not available

  • Improve dispatcher dont send the response for nested calls

    We send only the response for the outer dispatch call all other dispatch calls will not produce any output

  • Fixed comperator record comparsion and add test case

    Added a test case and fixed the comparsion logic