Version 3.0 released

We are proud to announce version 3.0 of PSX. This release updates the API spec generation so that it is possible to generate swagger 2.0 and RAML 1.0 specifications based on a controller.

In the previous 2.x release the response data of a controller was adjusted to the schema. That means that fields which were not declared in the schema were removed from the response. In the 3.x release the response schema is only used for documentation purpose and does not change the response in any way. This increases the performance and simplifies the development.

With the 3.x release the json schema implementation was extended to cover all aspects of the specification (the library passes now also the official json schema test suite). Because of this we have removed the XSD implementation since it is not possible to fully transform a json schema to XSD. The WSDL generator was also removed since it is based on the XSD generator.

Please take a look at the upgrade guide to see a detailed list of the changes and how to upgrade a 2.x installation to 3.x. So have fun with this release and merry christmas!