Website update and version 1.1.4 released

We have introduced a new landing page which contains a short explanation of a simple PSX schema controller. This should give new users a quick insight how PSX works. Also we have released a new version which contains some improvements. In the following the coverage of the changelog:

  • The schema API handles now automatically HEAD requests

    That means the doGet method is called on a HEAD request but the response body is not sent

  • Add support for PATCH request method

    All controller can handle now PATCH request methods

  • Fix automatic template detection for psr4 namespaces

    Previously there was a problem with the template detection if your controller class was in a psr4 style folder because the template engine created the template file based on the class name. This is now fixed as we use the class file path to resolve the correct template file. This works now for psr0 and psr4 autoloading

  • Renamed doCreate and doUpdate method to doPost and doPut to follow the http request method naming scheme

    This is no BC since we have also added a compatibility layer which calls the doCreate and doUpdate method in case they are available. But we recommend to rename all methods in your schema controller from doCreate to doPost and doUpdate to doPut. This compatibility layer will be removed on the next major release

  • Json schema document throw an exception if a json pointer could not be resolved

    Since there is no gracefully way to handle an invalid json pointer we now throw an exception which also helps to debug the json schema