PSX Framework


PSX is a framework written in PHP to create RESTful APIs. It helps you building clean URLs serving web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS. At the core PSX is build of three parts. A handler system (similar to repositories in doctrine) which abstracts away the actual SQL queries from the domain logic. An routing system which executes the fitting controller method depending on the location of the controller and the annotation of the method. And an flexible data system to convert data records from the database into different formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS. PSX uses a lightweight DI container to handle dependencies (but is also compatible with the symfony DI container). The controller can return request or response filter which can react or modify the HTTP request or response. PSX offers some basic request filter to handle i.e. Basic or Oauth authentication. In addition PSX offers some cool components to use and implement OAuth, OpenID, Opengraph, Opensocial, Opensearch, PubSubHubbub, WebFinger, Atom, and RSS. For more examples and informations please see the documentation section. To get an first idea how PSX works here a short introduction video.


This is the official release of PSX. PSX tries to follow the semantic versioning. The public API documentation is shipped with each release in the doc folder. You can also browse all releases at GitHub. The preferred way of installing PSX is through composer


php composer.phar create-project psx/sample .



The official manual of PSX
The official API of PSX
Test coverage
Shows how many code is covered by tests
The example page offers sample PSX applications which are documented
The repository of PSX

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