First blog introduction

Since the beginning of this project I was not very vocal about changes. I have only maintained an changelog which contains almost every major change. Because this project nears the first stable 1.0 release I plan to change this. I have setup this basic blog where I want to talk about PSX and related topics.

That means the development process should be more transparent and it should be also a great learning resource to start with PSX. To give you an overview I have roughly outlined the content which will be covered:

  • PSX releases describe the changes and motiviations
  • Howto articles showcasing specific use cases implemented with PSX
  • RESTful API design
  • PHP FIG specifications and implementations of PSRs
  • API authentication and authorization (OAuth, OAuth 2, Hawk)
  • Consuming and serving RESTful APIs
  • General PHP development
  • API first design (using the website as javascript client with i.e. AngularJS, EmberJS, React)
  • New technologies in RESTful API or PHP context