Project status and updates

Since version 2.0 we moved from a monolithic library to a component based architecture. This means that the PSX project itself is actually only a wrapper which requires the components and contains the documentation. Because of this the main project does not change very often since each component has its own release cycle. Which is in fact really great i.e. if we want to fix a bug in the SQL component we can quickly tag a new version and dont have to release the complete framework because of this. This means we Release early, release often. In the future we are planing to post a summary of the component changes to make the progress more visible.

We think that building APIs is still one of the hottest topics in the IT scene and we are happy to provide with PSX a framework which helps to develop such APIs. So if you want to make API development in PHP better feel free to contribute.

Currently we use PSX to build a great new and exciting API management product called Fusio which helps everybody to quickly setup an API programm.