Version 1.2 released

We like to announce version 1.2 of PSX. This release contains a new API controller where you can define the API format through annotations. The annotations are based on the JAX-RS annotations. Since the annotations contain more complex values we have switched to the doctrine annotation parser. In the following we go in detail through the changelog:

  • Add annotation API controller which can be used to specify the API behaviour through annotations

    The class PSX\Controller\AnnotationApiAbstract was added which can be used as alternative to the RAML or programmatic schema definition

  • Improved api generation command

    The --raml option was improved so that the include path is relative to the location of the class

  • Add doctrine annotation reader for annotation parsing

    Since we use the annotation reader for the annotation API controller we use it now also for the object builder to parse the @Inject annotation. Note this has the implication that the notation of a custom service name has changed. I.e. previously you could define a service name with @Inject test_service since this release it must be @Inject("test_service"). In most cases this wont affect your code because you rarely need to define a custom service name

  • Unify doctrine cache usage and improve entity manager integration

    The doctrine cache is used in several services like the JMS serializer, doctrine annotation reader or doctrine ORM. We have unified the usage so that it is simple to change the storage from the filesystem to a different implementation

  • Oauth2 token endpoint handle also client_id and client_secret parameter

    The OAuth2 endpoint implementation handles now also client_id and client_secret parameters which are send through POST