Version 1.2.1 released

We like to announce version 1.2.1 of PSX. This release contains some new features and we have cleaned up the code at some places. In the following the coverage of the changelog:

  • Add pseudo ANY request method to the routing parser

    It is now possible to use the ANY request method inside a routing file. If used the route is called for every request method if the path matches

  • Removed annotation loader

    The annotation loader was an alternative loader implementation which was not actively used. Since the routing file works really well we removed this option

  • Dispatcher add option to disable sending the response to the client

    An option was added to the dispatcher to disable sending the content to the client. This is useful in case the dispatcher is used inside a command

  • Add SoapProxyController which handles all SOAP communication

    The SoapProxyController is a new controller which handles all SOAP communication. Previously it was possible to send SOAP requests to any endpoint now all communication is bundled through the SOAP proxy. This solves also the problem that you can access endpoints with dynamic path fragments. In case you are accessing an endpoint through SOAP you have to add the following routes entry:

    ANY /soap PSX\Controller\Tool\SoapProxyController
  • Add option to restrict fields at the table abstract class

    The TableAbstract class has now a option to specify the fields which a select should return. It is possible to white/blacklist fields