Version 2.0 released

We are really proud to announce version 2.0 of the PSX framework. This post will cover all changes.

Code changes:

  • Split the framework into components

    Previously PSX was a monolithic library which contained many different components. We wanted to make these components available for other users so they dont have to require the complete framework. Because of this we have split up library into multiple components. Please take a look at the upgrade document to see what classes have changed.

  • Decoupled and improved each component

    Through the decoupling process we could improve the code of each component so that it can be used standalone and only depends on the needed libraries.

  • Reading and writing data works now with POPOs

    By default it is now possible to use POPOs containing annotations to describe the schema. This simplifies the process to parse the request data into the fitting object model.

  • Add generator to generate PHP classes from a RAML and JsonSchema specification

    We have cleaned up the console commands and added two new commands which can generate PHP code based a RAML or JsonSchema specifiction. This helps to quickly create an API based on existing specifications.

  • Removed command system

    We have removed the command system since it does not target the main problem which PSX tries to solve.

  • Improved documentation

    We have adjusted and improved the documentation so that it is easier to start with PSX. Of course this is an ongoing process so in case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Organizational changes:

  • Moved the PSX repository to the apioo organization.

    I have moved the repository from my personal account to the apioo organization. This organization includes now all components of the PSX framework.

  • Created PSX google group

    We have restored the PSX google group which acts now as a support forum and news channel for any questions and informations regarding the PSX framework and its components.